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James Tanner

The Shop is truly one of a kind. I come here not only to improve my fitness, but to hang with friends. Shawn & Beth are great motivators. I love the life long relationships that I have built here!

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Jaime Clark

The Shop is a place where friends meet for fitness. It’s always better to suffer through a workout with a group of friends. These friends keep me motivated and make me want to better myself. I would never push as hard as I do, at a workout, at home alone in my basement. I come here to do things out of my comfort zone and to reach my goals.


Alex Jones

The Shop has been one of the things I look forward to every Sunday. The community that has been built is truly one of friendship and inclusiveness. Shawn and Beth are two of the most welcoming and motivating people I know. I highly encourage anyone who is hesitant to try CrossFit to come check out The Shop.

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This is an amazing fitness facility with top notch people. The equipment is all new and clean and the space is large enough for folks to spread out for work outs. What I love most about The Shop is the community spirit. The coaches and other athletes carry zero judgement and every athlete, regardless of physical shape, is encouraged to do their best. This is a place I really enjoy!

David Lockman


Sonja Morse

A wonderfully welcoming and fun environment for folks of all fitness levels. The owners are down to earth amazing people who have created not just a space for fitness but has created a family and lifelong friendships! I cannot recommend The Shop more.


Nick Chabot

The Shop is committed to helping you with proper training, and staff is very friendly. This is my first time joining a CrossFit gym, it is totally worth it. They offer many classes and times to cater to everyone.

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