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Our foundations program is meant to be utilized as a template to build an athlete's confidence to understand the entire system of CrossFit and how workouts will feel in the gym. This would be done over the course of two weeks with the goal of laying down the foundations of all the pieces we expect to see during the course of a month in an Affiliate Gym. We want to help athletes understand that the process is truly a process and we are all along a progression line and we are just at different points across the line. Once the Foundations Program is completed the athlete would move in to group classes with other athletes that are at all different levels of experience. These group classes are motivating, they help with accountability and above all else encouragement to be the best you can be.

These classes are NOT a compulsory part of the joining process but is highly recommended for new members to CrossFit. If you are already an experienced CrossFitter you will not need to attend the Foundation class before joining.


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Here is what we will cover in the Foundation Classes:

Prep Phase - always an important part of any class, here we will prep the body for the 9 foundation movements and Wod.

9 Foundation Movements - As an all-round form of exercise, it builds upon 9 foundation movements, which when conquered, open the doors to a range of workouts that can build a body that is at its peak physical fitness. 
Wod (workout of the day) - This is the super fun bit where you get a chance to feel what a Wod is really all about.
Cool Down - this is where we try to reset the body after a tough workout.

CrossFit foundation movements are designed to tire you out. They are hard work but aim to build strength all over the body.

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- In the Augusta Plaza on Western Ave

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